on the Ranch
Livestock Guardian Animals -
Along with the livestock (more on
that later!), you will get
experienced, willing guardian
animals. We currently  run a
minimum of four dogs. These dogs
don't lie around at the house. They
live with the livestock, and have
developed their own working
schedules and patterns.  In
addition to the guardian dogs,
also have
one donkey that is
sheep and goat- bonded.
She is
solid and gentle, and work
s well.
Livestock Equipment - Lots of
equipment collected over the
I'll include tubs and
buckets - too many to count -
watering floats, hoses, tanks, and
feeders. Several small,
weather-proof bull feeders that
hold minerals and feed for
free-choice access. Two 1500-lb.
feeders for supplementing in
winter, or, if you choose to switch
to a grain-fed operation, for
feeding.  Several small trough
feeders, as well, all covered. Two
500-pound capacity creep
feeders. And to make it easier and
more cost-efficient - well,
managed to work that out, too.
have two ten-ton feed bins set up
for outside feeding, and with a
flick of a switch, you can get on
the tractor, back up the
PTO-powered grain wagon, and fill
it in minutes. Better yet, it only
takes minutes to unload it - no
heavy sacks to lift. The discharge
auger does all the work for you.
There are also two more feed bins
that need repair, or can be
dismantled for other uses.

That's not all, though. Inside the
32 x 410-foot outbuilding are
complete holding pens to fit every
handling situation imaginable;
sheep or goat working chutes,
outfitted with a sorting gate with a
design that allows for three-way
sorting, and Slydell scales.

The building is a converted
chicken house and has fans,
electric lights, running water, a
freezer, misters, and heaters.
There is a small hot water heater
available, as well as a sink -
I just
haven't moved them in yet.  
i have
some electric netting for
temporary paddocks, working
fence chargers, batteries - the
works, all included in the sale.

In addition, there is a working
worm farm for ecologically sound
disposal of hay waste (and a
bonus for fishing in the stocked
ponds!), and plenty of storage for
feed, tools, or anything else that
might strike your fancy.

There are several more
outbuildings suitable for livestock
on the place - an old composter
with six stalls could be used for
composting, or could be adapted
for a loafing shed or commodities
storage. A 40 x 60 barn and a 20 x
110-foot barn were once used for
commercial rabbit production
(Pel-Freez still runs in this area)
and later adapted into a nurse
cow/bottle calf operation. The
milking machine is still in the long
barn, along with the generator and
milk jar.

A horse barn with two huge stalls
and a tack room was built during
the Christmas 2011 season.
We still have working cattle pens
and a Silver King Squeeze chute,
as well as a manual head gate.
Trailers and More - No ranch is
complete without trailers, and do
have trailers.
I have a 28-foot stock
trailer, ready for double-decking  with
custom-built decking. There is a
16-foot open stock trailer with room
for three horses in the front and two in
the back. You've already read about
the dump trailer and the equipment
trailer, but you haven't heard about
the 10-foot trailer to haul your ATVs -
a 2005 and a 2001, both automatic
4-wheel-drive 500cc vehicles.
The final trailer is a 12-foot trailer with
a drop gate for hauling trash or
Oh, yes - and there is a garden trailer
to pull behind the four-wheelers. We
have a "goat ambulance" that fits right
into the little trailer to make
emergencies a bit easier to work with